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Welcome to Ki Fitness,

I started Ki Fitness in 2010.  It wasn’t until I suffered a serious back injury in a car accident and went from an 83kg to a 107kg guy overnight that I realised how important health and fitness is. As a father now, I realise that it is more important for my family that I stay fit and healthy as well as myself. I was depressed and hated the person I had become. I was inspired by a trainer I met at the local gym, who I now have a long-lasting friendship with. His love for boxing mirrored mine for martial arts and his warm nature to help others inspires me to this day. I thought to myself “How good would it be to help people get fit and healthy and inspire them to be happy in themselves”. So, I decided to do a personal training course.

I had an active childhood as I started playing football at the early age of 7.  I was always out and about on my bike or blades cruising the streets (we could do that when I was a kid!) and keeping active. When I was 15 my uncle introduced me to kickboxing which I fell in love with. After a year or so privately training with him twice a week, playing footy 3 times a week and hitting the gym every other day I can confidently say I was a fit young man.  As my passion for Martial Arts was evident since I was a little kid (yes I am a TMNT fan!), I decided to join a Karate club which I still practice at to this day.  

My training methods come from my experience and developed knowledge over years of training and study. I don’t have one specific skill set as different types of training methods work for different types of people. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. One of the most important goals for me from my training sessions is that I want you to leave your sessions feeling GREAT and ready to take on the world! I want you to enjoy your exercise so it becomes part of your life not just something you once did.
If you would like to see for yourself what I do and what I am about get in contact with me.
In Good Health,

Sean Carville

Diploma of Fitness
(Fitness Specialist)

Diploma of Sport - Athlete Support Services
(Strength & Conditioning Specialisation)

Certificate IV in Fitness
(Personal Training)

Certificate III in FItness
(Gym Instruction)

Kettlebell Trainer Level 1 & 2

Punchfit Trainer

Boxing Level 1

Black Belt in Karate

Working with Children Check

0402 883 366
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Personal Training Melton, Personal Trainer Melton, Boxing Melton, Weight Loss Melton,
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